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Lord Parashurama Temple 

Lord Parashurama Temple

To the west of the Durgalaya there is Parashurama hill on which there is a temple dedicated to Lord Parashurama.

Pajaka Kshetra, Shri Madhwacharya’s Birth Place

Anantha Padmanabha Mandira

Shrine of Shri Madhwacharya in Pajaka

About 1 KM to the east (at the feet of Durgabetta)   there is Pajaka Kshethra – the birth place of  Trailokyaguru Shri Madhwacharya where the great Acharya spent his early childhood days with utmost devotion towards the Supreme Lord and the Goddess.

Place where Daemon Manimatha was killed by Shri Madhwacharya

To the east of the temple, Bottom of  the temple, there is a place where daemon Manimantha was killed by Shri Madhwacharya.

Four Sacred Theerthas

The four sacred Theerthas (Baana Theertha,  Gada Theertha,  Parashu Theertha,  Dhanus Theertha) around the region, created by Lord Parashurama on the rocky terrain. The water of  these Theerthas never dry up even during the hottest days of summer!

Baana Theertha 

Baana Theertha

Baana Theertha, Arrow shaped sacred pool created by Lord Parashurama  is  located closed to  Durgabetta  on the east and found on middle of a rock.
There is  a temple of  Shri Mahalingeshwara Swami near Baana Theertha

Gada Theertha

Gada Theertha

Gada Theertha, Mace  shaped sacred pool created by Lord Parashurama is located on the west of the Durgabetta, near Lord Parashurama hill.

Dhanus Theertha

Dhanusu Theertha

Dhanus theertha Hillock

Dhanus Theertha, Bow  shaped sacred pool created by Lord Parashurama is located on about 7 K.M. from Durgabetta. To reach this place one has to walk some distance. This pool is situated in the middle of a single rock.

Parashu Theertha 

Parashu Theertha

Parashu Theertha, is found on the rocky hill, about 4 K.M. from Durgabetta. There is a temple of  Shree Gopala Krishna Temple near Parashu Theertha.

The Parashurama cave

The Parashurama cave is located to the east of the temple on a slope terrain of  Durgabetta, at a lower altitude than the temple. It is believed that there is the Divine presence, influence and saanidhya of Lord Parashurama even today.

Shri Mahalingeshwara Temple

There is Mahalingeshwara Swamy Temple on the bank of  Paapnashini river located east of  Durgabetta in Belle Village.

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