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Shri Shri Vishwapriya Theertha Swamiji of  Sri Adamaru Matha Udupi announced during the Brmakalashothsava  2013 that, part of the amount received from the Devotees towards the sevas to Shre Durgadevi, will be given to the protection of Cows in Neelavara Goshala, Udupi.

In Sanskrit the word  ‘Goshala’ literally means cow protection, or the place where cows are sheltered

Other Sanskrit names for the cow are Go-Mata (mother cow), Kamadhenu (wish fulfilling), and Aghnya (never to be killed).

“The Lord has different names according to His different activities. For example, His name is Madhusüdana because He killed the demon of the name Madhu; His name is  Govinda because He gives pleasure to the cows and to the senses”.

You are requested to participate in the protection of  Cows.

Why Protect Cows ? (Courtesy:

  • A Cow is like a mother to us

  • Cows give abundant milk not only for their calves but also for us

  • There are 90,000 cows and calves slaughtered each day in America

  • Cow protection brings happiness and perfection in life

  • Cow ghee is a necessary ingredient for performing a Yagna

  • Cows are dear to Lord Krishna

  • The mere sight of a cow is considered a good deed

  • A cow is an invaluable asset in human society

  • Cows are intelligent, sentient beings who want to live just as much as we do

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