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Annual rituals and festivals are observed with great devotion and fervour according to the time – honoured Customs.

Sharannavaratri is an important festival celebrated here. Navadurga Kalpoktha Puja is performed during the days of Navaraatri. The Kannika Puja, a speciality of the Durga Temple, is offered in a grand scale. Kannika Puja is offered by the devotees as an important Seva at the temple. Many people visit this temple during Navaraatri and offer their prayer at the feet of the Goddess.

During the Fridays, in the month of Simha (Simha Maasa), thousands of devotees come here to have the Holy Darshan of the Goddess and offer their sevas.

The Rathotsavam (Annual Car festival / Chariot festival) is held in a grand scale with devotion. The rituals during the Uthsava are very elaborate and have their own special features. The Dhwajaarohanam is performed on the Maagha Shuddha Trayodashi day. The Rathotsavam is celebrated on Maagha Shuddha Poornima day. Feasting (Maha – Annasantharpane) is held on this day and thousands of devotees participate in it to take Prasadam. Many people also gather near the Shrine to witness the spectacular Rathotsavam on that night.

The annual ritual of ‘Rashi Puja’ is performed during the Amavasya (New moon day) following the Rathothsava. Many devotees participate in this ritual and offer their prayers to the Goddess.

On the eve of Sowramana Yugadi ‘Kani’ is kept here and ‘Panchangashravana’ is done on the Sowramana Yugadi day in the morning. Ganapathi Homa is performed during the Ganesha chaturthi and the Krishnaashtami is specially celebrated by offering special pujas to mark the occasion.

Dhanur Puja is offered during the Dhanurmasa and Paschimajagara Puja is offered in the month of Karthika. Both Pujas are offered at the dawn during the respective months. Apart from the above festivals and rituals Rugupakarma is also observed here.

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