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Yogamaya Rupa

Durga is one among the manifestations of Lakshmidevi. As Durga, She controls the

tamo guna of the Prakriti (Primordial Matter and Nature). Under the command of the Lord, Durgadevi assumed the form of Yogamaya (Goddess presiding over Primordial Matter and Nature). In the Dwapara Yuga, when Lord Vishnu incarnated as Shree Krishna, the Yogamaya too manifested as Durga (as per the command of the Lord).

It was the Yogamaya who had transferred Shesha from the womb of Devaki to the womb of Rohini, facilitating the descent of the Lord (as Krishna). The same Yogamaya then manifested bearing the name Durga (as the baby of Yashoda) when Lord Krishna had incarnated as the son of Devaki. The Yogamaya (as the controller of the darkness and ignorance) had put the guards of Kamsa to sleep or a state of trance (when Vaasudeva manifested as Balakrishna in Kamsa’s prison) to facilitate the safe passage of Vasudeva (carrying Bala Krishna) towards the Nandavraja! She (Durga in the baby form) was brought (from Nandavraja) to Devaki by Vasudeva, replacing Krishna.

Presuming Her to be the eighth child of Devaki, Kamsa rushed to thrash Her against a rock! Escapingly, She sprang up to the sky! Assuming Her eight-armed cosmic form; warned Kamsa of his destruction, before She disappeared adding to the fears of Kamsa.

It is by this way Durga (a manifestation of Lakshmidevi) came to be known as “Hariswasa” or Hari’s sister (Krishna’s sister)! One can get into the sequence of this background from the readings of Srimad Bhagavata.

As per the lore and according to the tradition (belief) the Yogamaya [Goddess presiding over the wonderful divine potency for the creation, preservation and destruction of the Universe] resides as Durgadevi in Kunjarugiri. The great works like Sumadhwa Vijaya and Theerthaprabandha too refer to Durgadevi of Kunjaru as Krishna’s sister or Hari’s sister.

Appearance of Shree Krishna

Vasudeva Carryinga Balakrishna towards Nandavraja

Shree DurgaDevi Sprang Upto Sky


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