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Shree Durgadevi of Kunjarugiriಕುಂಜಾರಿನ ಗಿರಿದುರ್ಗೆ

Kunjaru is a hamlet in Kurkaal grama, situated 6-7 miles (approximately 11kms) to the south-east of Shree Krishna’s Udupi. This small village is reputed for its sanctity owing to the celebrated Durga Temple on a high hillock popularly known by the names: Kunjarugiri, Durgabetta and Vimanagiri.. This potent Durga Saannidhya, which was installed by none […]

Yogamaya Rupaಯೋಗಮಾಯ ರೂಪ

Durga is one among the manifestations of Lakshmidevi. As Durga, She controls the tamo guna of the Prakriti (Primordial Matter and Nature). Under the command of the Lord, Durgadevi assumed the form of Yogamaya (Goddess presiding over Primordial Matter and Nature). In the Dwapara Yuga, when Lord Vishnu incarnated as Shree Krishna, the Yogamaya too […]

The significance in the idolಪ್ರತಿಮೆಯ ಸಂಕೇತ

The significance in the idol (Vishwa Roopa Darshana) The magnificent idol of Shree Durga is a Chaturbhuja (four-armed) image. It stands holding the Shanka (conch) and Chakra (discus) in the upper hands and Dhanus (bow) and Trishula (trident) are being held in the lower hands. Shanka and Chakra symbolizes protection and the fulfillment of wishes […]

References in ancient literatureಪ್ರಾಚೀನ ಸಾಹಿತ್ಯದಲ್ಲಿ ಉಲ್ಲೇಖ

References in ancient literature Great literary and historical works like Sumadhwa Vijaya (authored by Shri Narayana Panditacharya) and Theerthaprabandha of Shri Vadiraja Gurusarvabhoumaru are ancient works which eulogize and sing the praise of Shree Durgadevi of Vimanagiri. These ancient works give us factual details and required education to understand the significance of the Shrine. Sumadhwa […]

Installed by Lord Parashuramaಪರಶುರಾಮನಿಂದ ಪ್ರತಿಷ್ಠೆ

The idol of Durgadevi was installed by the Supreme Lord Himself, even though it is quite unusual that a superior Lord installing a subordinate Deity. Lord Parashurama (incarnation of Lord Vishnu) is superior to Durga and precedes Her as Master. This unique feature too adds to the potency and significance of the Shrine.

Proximity to Jagannatha and Jagadguru ಜಗನ್ನಾಥ ಜಗದ್ಗುರುಗಳ ಸಾಮೀಪ್ಯ

Parashurama Temple and Pajaka Kshetra To the west of the Durgalaya there is Parashurama hill on which there is temple dedicated to Lord Parashurama. To the east (at the feet of Durgabetta) there is Pajaka- the birth place of Trailokyaguru Shri Madhwacharya where the great Acharya spent his early childhood days with utmost devotion towards […]

Bana Theertha ,Gada Theertha and the Parashurama caveಬಾಣತೀರ್ಥ, ಗದಾತೀರ್ಥ ಹಾಗೂ ಪರಶುರಾಮ ಗುಹೆ

To the east of Durgabetta there is Bana Theertha (arrow shaped sacred pool created by Lord Parashurama) and the Gada Theertha (mace shaped sacred pool created by Lord Parashurama) is to the west of the hill. These are the two Theerthas among the four theerthas created by Parashurama on the rocky terrain. The water of […]

The height of gloryಎತ್ತರದ ಸ್ಥಾನ

The temple is located at an altitude of more than a hundred feet above the surrounding land level. One has to tread over 257 steps to reach the temple. The name Durga (of the Goddess) holds appropriate as Her temple stands like a crown or jewel on the top of Vimanagiri; hence the Goddess is […]

Serene atmosphereಪ್ರಶಾಂತ ವಾತವರಣ

One can experience and enjoy the rule of quietitude and peace, amidst the lush greenery filled with melodious notes of singing birds including that of peacocks, the pranks of monkeys too add to the diversity found on the hill. The blowing winds, rustling leaves add rhythm to the divine song of nature. Here everything appears […]

Glimpse of the Goddess from outer yardಹೊರಾಂಗಣದಲ್ಲೇ ದೇವಿಯ ದರ್ಶನ

The architecture of Durgalaya is ancient and special. One can easily have the darshan of the Goddess from the outer yard (horangana) itself. The inner yard of the temple is about three feet higher than the outer yard. The Sanctum sanctorum (Garbha-griha) including the pedestal on which the idol has been installed, is about three […]

Idol of Nirmalya Devata ನಿರ್ಮಾಲ್ಯ ದೇವತೆಯ ವಿಗ್ರಹ

In the praakaara, to the left side of Devi, the idol of the Nirmalya Devata ‘Mundini’ has been installed. Generally the Nirmalya Devata is represented by a plain stone in all the temples. The Durgalaya of Kunjar is an exception to this, as one may see the idol of the Nirmalya Devata in the sitting […]

Carrying water uphillಕೆಳಗಿನಿಂದ ನೀರು ಹೊರುವಿಕೆ

Owing to its high altitude, Durgalaya has got no natural source of water in its premises. Water has to be inevitably fetched from the Bana Theertha or Gada Theertha down the hill. Pot full of water has to be carried uphill (upstairs) with utmost purity for the worship. More than six large pots of water […]

Management and worshipಆಡಳಿತ ಮತ್ತು ಪೂಜೆ

The administration and management of the temple belongs to Sri Admaru Matha, Udupi. The traditional and spiritual relationship of the Durgalaya with the Matha is reflected by a custom observed on a night during the Sharannavaratri celebrations. The Swamiji of Sri Admaru Matha brings the Presiding Deity of the Matha to the temple and offers […]

Daily Pujas ದೈನಂದಿನ ಪೂಜೆಗಳು

The day begins with the performance of Nirmalya Visarjana Puja during the dawn at 5:00 AM. This is followed by the Ushakaala Puja. After decorating the Idol the Alankara Puja is performed at 8:00 AM. Naivedya is offered during the Ushakaala Puja and Alankara Pujas. The Maha Puja is performed at 9:00 AM and Naivedya […]

Annual Festivalsವಾರ್ಷಿಕ ಸಮಾರಂಭಗಳು

Annual rituals and festivals are observed with great devotion and fervour according to the time – honoured Customs. Sharannavaratri is an important festival celebrated here. Navadurga Kalpoktha Puja is performed during the days of Navaraatri. The Kannika Puja, a speciality of the Durga Temple, is offered in a grand scale. Kannika Puja is offered by […]

The extentದುರ್ಗಾಲಯದ ವ್ಯಾಪ್ತಿ

The Durgalaya of Kunjaru is known to be the Presiding Temple of the ‘Bali Saagara Maagane’. The people spread across the twelve Maaganes worship the Goddess as their Presiding Deity. Each Maagane is a group of villages and the extent of the temple spreading up to twelve such Maaganes shows its Antiquity and Precedence in […]

Sevas offered ಸೇವೆಗಳು

The following are the sevas accepted at the Temple: Sarva Seva Uttama Kalpa (Including Santharpane full day) Sarva Seeva Madyama Kalpa (Excluding Santharpane) Mahapooja Uttama Kalpa (Inculding Santharpane) Mahapooja Madyama Kalpa (Exculding Santharpane) Deeparadhana Hoovina Pooja Uttama Kalpa Hoovina Pooja Madyama Kalpa Hoovina Pooja Samanya Kalpa Panchamrutha Abhisheka Kshira Abhisheka Alankara Pooja Sahasranamarchane Kumkuma Archane […]

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